Assarkhaneh Shahi

Built during the Safavid dynasty under the rule of Shah Abbas I, Assarkhaneh Shahi is a historical oil-extracting house in Isfahan which provides the required oil for people in different periods of time.

Having played a key role in Iranian history as an important cultural and historical monument, the structure was operating in an infrastructure of nearly 1,800 meters until a few decades ago and ultimately went out off track due to being uneconomical in the time of industrialization, making the area extent reduce to about 500 meters now. It is notable that the profession of extracting oil used to be considered sacred.

The house includes an 11-meter-high main hall with three domes to keep it cool and arch-like roofs with some skylights to provide enough light. In the middle of the hall, there is a big grindstone pulled by a male camel to roll and grind the seeds to transform them into a kind of dough. The oil extracting from the seeds was kept in some earthenware pots in an octagonal room in downstairs. Also, the hothouse in the upper floor is used to clean and toast oil seeds such as sesame, poppy, sunflower, etc.

Located in Isfahan grand bazaar, the house has been rebuilt into a beautiful museum worthy of visiting to recognize the peak of intelligence and innovation of past generations.

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