Azadi Tower

Situated in the west entrance of Iran’s capital Tehran, the Azadi Tower (Freedom Tower), previously known as the "Shahyad Tower" meaning "King’s Memorial Tower" is the iconic monument in Tehran, drawing the attention of tourists who traveled to the city.

Being part of the Azadi Cultural Complex in Tehran’s Azadi square in an area of some 50,000 square meters, the inverted Y-shaped tower is one of the most beautiful and must-see sites with several surrounding fountains and an underground museum.

Built with white marble stone from Isfahan including eight thousand blocks of stone combining both Islamic and Sassanid architectural styles, this gateway into Tehran was inaugurated in 1971 in commemoration of the 2,500th anniversary of the Persian Empire.

Overlooking the Alborz mountain range, the fifty-foot high tower was built beside the Mehrabad international airport aiming at erecting an impressive edifice representing the historical, cultural, and artistic background of the ancient land and as a landmark to welcome people, tourists, and high-ranking officials.

The entrance of the tower exists underneath the main vault leading into the basement floor with various sections including museum, library, knowledge hall, Iranica hall, art gallery, auditorium, and conference hall.

The black walls with subdued lightning and the proportions of the whole building create an intentionally austere atmosphere. The lighting seems to issue from the showcases, each containing a unique object selected from among the finest and most precious in Iran.

There are about fifty pieces in excellent condition and each represents a particular period in the country’s history. Gold and enamel pieces, painted pottery, miniatures, and paintings glitter like stars among the black marble walls and in the semi-darkness of the concrete mesh which forms the ceiling of this marvelous monument.

Here, a copy of the Cyrus Cylinder (the original in the British Museum), the first human rights charter in the world is kept and a translation in golden letters is installed on the wall of the gallery leading to the museum’s audio-visual hall displaying the regional characteristics of Iran in terms of cultural, life style, religious and historical monuments based on a geographical map.

Therefore, the complex with distinctive features provides a fantastic place for sightseeing and an amazing site for visitors to Iran’s capital Tehran, bringing out never-fading memories.

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