Boroujerdi House

Located on Alavi Street in the city of Kashan in Isfahan province, the historical Boroujerdi House is a reminiscent of the amazing old houses with the 19th century architecture.

Upon the order of a wealthy merchant, Seyyed Hassan Natanzi, the house was built by architect Ali Maryam Kashani in 1857 CE in the span of 18 years and due to the merchant’s trade ties with the city of Boroujerd, the house was nicknamed Boroujerdi.

Having rivaled the Tabatabaei House in terms of beauty, the house is recognized as a splendid masterpiece of traditional Persian residential architecture with public and private quarters and distinguished by three wind towers made of stone, brick, sun-baked bricks and a mixture of clay, straw and mortar with one in a nice hexagonal shape to cool the house.

Passing through the main entrance in the form of an octagonal vestibule with multilateral skylights in the ceiling and a narrow corridor, visitors reach a fabulous rectangular courtyard with a pool in the middle which is flanked by trees and flowerbeds. A five-door chamber with intricate plaster and stucco works and delightful wall paintings by the royal painter Kamal-ol-Molk also exists near the entrance.

In the vicinity of the corridor, there is a reception area engulfed by two rooms utilized mostly during winter due to the high amount of sunlight entering them.

In addition, as kitchen, rooms and stairways to the basement lie in the northeast area of the property, there is a large covered hall on the southern side decorated with mirrors, reliefs, artistic carvings and meshed windows. Considered as the main area for holding celebrations, the large hall consists of a raised platform on its far side that was normally reserved for special guests. One of the reliefs quite justifiably reads, “Persian craftsmen made gold out of dust.”

Once used to be a private home, the Boroujerdi House is now a public museum which visiting the place should not be missed to remind tourists of how beautiful architecture was in Iran’s distant past.

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