Dolatabad Garden

Shining as a Persian architectural jewel in the midst of the desert city of Yazd, the amazing Dolatabad Garden, this UNESCO World Heritage Site, is a fabulous destination spot for those who enjoy sightseeing, attracting a large number of domestic and foreign tourists annually.

The noticeable feature of the garden which is recognizable from afar is the soaring 33.8-meter-high wind tower, the tallest brick one in the world, designed to act as air ventilation and to bring some comfort to the residents in the blistering heat, making the property unique.

Built in 1750 during the Zand dynasty functioning as the residence of Persian regent Mohammad Taqi Khan alongside the water from the underground water canals (Qanats), the complex includes a large garden and a number of buildings in accordance with the original Iranian architectural style.

Passing along a nice pool flanked by tall cypress, grape and pomegranate trees, visitors get to a nice octagonal mansion with superb interior design decorated with intricate latticework and exquisite sash stained-glass windows (Orosi design). Here, the architect made a big effort to select tactful angles to provide the best views of the beautiful landscape which is considered as a distinctive feature of the garden.

The magnificent mansion includes a vestibule, a mirrorwork-covered veranda and a splendid façade surrounded by the lush garden with pine, cypress, and fruit trees as well as rose flowers, offering a green panorama together with a double-spanned water cistern. Also, there is a small pool in the middle of the building right under the lofty wind tower which increases the humidity of the house.

From this central section, the windows of the upper floor and corridors leading to different parts of the house can be observed and through the staircases, it is possible to lead upstairs to have a memorable glimpse on the spectacular scenery.

Dolatabad Garden is regarded as one of the sites worth visiting due to its landscape and rich architectural pattern which exemplifies the diversity of Persian garden designs that have evolved and adapted to different climatic conditions. Visiting this masterpiece of traditional gardens is indeed an exciting adventure journey.

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