Hasht Behesht Palace

Dominating the superb Bagh-e Bolbol (Nightingale Garden), Hasht Behest Palace (Literally means “Eight Paradises”), was built about 1660 by Shah Solieman Safavid as the most remarkable construction of that era.

Ranked among the world’s most magnificent buildings, the two-story palace was described in exalted terms by most Europeans visitors, showing the height of its glory.

Going inside, one has the feeling of coming into a labyrinth of interlinked rectangular and octagonal rooms in the four corners of the building and interrupted by open porches on three sides, each different from the others in shape and decoration, while the center is surmounted by a spectacular ceiling.

Surrounded by a vast garden, the edifice is known for its architectural and decorative merits including mirror-works, marble slabs, gilded mosaics and excellent tile-works dotted with scenes of animals covering the building on the outside.

Moreover, regarding the wonders of the palace, the domed ceiling of the main reception room painted in purple on a glittering gold base along with the walls of the upper floor with varied shapes similar to those in the music chamber of Ali Qapu palace must be taken into account.

All in all, visiting this magnificent building which is quite literally a perfect garden pavilion is definitely worthy of effort as a valuable part of tourists’ memoirs.

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