Jahan Nama Garden

Located in the vicinity of the mausoleum of the prominent Iranian poet Hafez, Jahan Nama Garden is one of the oldest gardens in Shiraz, offering the most relaxing environment for those who set out to see the natural beauty along with a historical monument in its midst.

Overlooking the rocky Zagros Mountains, the nearly 40000-square-meter garden which dates back to the Safavid dynasty has been renovated and a two-storey building was built in the middle by the order of Karin Khan Zand in 1771 AD. It used to be a hosting place for governmental guests in Qajar era.

Flanked by large green areas adorned with fantastic colorful flowers and pansies on four sides, the classic Persian garden constitutes the 18th-century design and arrangement including four broad passages, surrounded with orange trees and cypresses.

The garden is centered with a beautiful octagonal stone pavilion containing four alcoves with two-storey rooms on four corners and a marble pool with a stone fountain inside it. Also, the interior part of the manor is decorated with amazing painted ornaments and equipped with wooden windowpanes overlooking the garden.

From the central pavilion, a long rill of flowing water stretches on one of the passages with 64 fountains increasing the beauty of the garden. Along the water stream, there are many benches for visitors to sit, get relaxed for some moments and smell the pleasant scent of orange trees, particularly in April when they are in full blossoms.

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