Mesr Village

Located in Khur and Biabanak County in Isfahan province, Mesr village is a dream place for all those who yearn for off-road trips in this small island in the sea of sands. On the road to the village by crossing the sand dunes, three green oases shine like three emeralds next to each other from afar, making the road a very enchanting place for ecotourists in the heart of Iran’s central desert or Dasht-e Kavir in Persian with its hot and dry weather.

Here, the strong wind has shaped the surface and formed bizarre and attractive figures through the unique sand hills called thrones around the village that among them Takht-e Aroos and Takht-e Abbasi are the most famous ones. Going up the thrones, visitors can have an amazing view of the village and the desert which dates back to 7000 years ago based on some evidence.

The first emerald is Amirabad as a vast and prosperous farm where the water is supplied with a deep well. Here, the road branches off on one way to the second emerald known as Mesr village where having a glimpse on the wide and clean streets decorated by traditional houses, wind-catchers and palm trees on two sides and the flowing stream in between will be surprising. The road ends in Farahzad as the third and last emerald with just a few families residing there.

Of the most attractive features of the village, the wonderful scenery must be mentioned where tourists can enjoy observing a myriad of stars glowing in the clean sky and the relaxing silence of the desert at night. Also, the bamboo field, a right place to take photo of wildlife desert and Seleknon salt lake, a salty land with hive-like shapes as well as a wide range of flora and fauna species are the other best-known attractions of the surrounding area.

Surviving a constant battle between human and nature in a long span of time, Mesr village as a part of the three exotic emerald villages and one of the fantastic natural highlights of Iran welcomes tourists with open arms where hospitality and desert wonders have always been alive in the memory of adventurous visitors.

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