Monar Jonban

Located in the west of Isfahan, Monar Jonban (Shaking Minarets) as one of the stunning historical buildings in Isfahan is a mausoleum, covering the grave of the virtuous Abu Abdollah, dating back to the IlKhanid period.

The architectural style here belongs to the 14th century (Mongol style) complemented with polygonal azure tiles decorating two arches and the sides of the porch. The vaulted building has two small and light brick towers on the top of porch.

The six-meter-tall minarets on both sides of the mausoleum porch which are elegantly ornamented with lovely brickwork, belonging to the Safavid dynasty as well as inscriptions on a piece of marble stone are the main attractions of this monument.

The notable and distinctive feature is that if one of the minarets is shaken, the other minaret will shake as well, transmitting this movement to the porch itself due to the ratio between the height and width of the minarets and their shortness and lightness.

Visitors can have ample chance to observe the minarets from courtyard, however if they climb to the summit of one of the minarets, through narrow spiral staircase and hold the minaret by hands and shake it, it will start swaying back and forth, and so will its twin, depicting one of the masterpieces of architecture and the ingenuity of the builders.

During peak season of tourism, thousands of visitors pay a visit to this most famous historic monument and have a memorable glance on this magnificent building.

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