Museum of Contemporary Arts

Located on the west of Laleh Park in the capital Tehran, the museum of contemporary arts was built on the initiative of Kamran Diba and under the patronage of Farah Pahlavi in 1977 in a land of 2000 square meters.

The museum is the center of important artistic events and activities in the field of visual arts and includes the most valuable and comprehensive collection of the Western modern art in Asia, showcasing the development of contemporary art.

As a unique instance of Iranian architecture, the three-story building of the museum has been inspired by traditional and modern designs as well as philosophical concepts and architectural style similar to the wind-towers of Iran’s cities on desert areas.

Vestibule, four corners, passageway, and crossway with unique items are the eye-catching construction features which make art-loving visitors stand in awe. The museum’s galleries are home to holding various artistic exhibitions. Out of nine galleries, three permanent ones are dedicated to 3000 paintings by international artists such as Claude Monet, Vincent Van Gogh, Pablo Picasso, René Magritte, Andy Warhol and many more and the other six are for temporary exhibitions held throughout the year.

On the north of the complex, there is a vast area called Sculpture Park which is a well-positioned place for displaying the sculptural works of prominent Iranian and international artists including Arnaldo Pomodoro, Dariush Sanizadeh, Max Ernst, among others.

The museum comprises a cinemateque, a library, and a bookshop on contemporary arts in various languages as well as a professional photography workshop which is a big archive of all the available works and a publication center in charge of releasing regular periodicals.

For those who believe in beauty and enjoy art, visiting the museum is a memorable chance to have a glimpse on the magnificent masterpieces of domestic and foreign painters and artists.

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