Pars Museum

As a wonderful instance of Zand architecture in the midst of the beautiful Nazar Garden in the vicinity of Karim Khan Citadel and Vakil Bazaar, Pars Museum includes an octagonal central pavilion built on the order of Karim Khan Zand, the founder of the Zand dynasty (1750–1794) which was called Kolah Farangi (Foreign Hat), a name attributed to similar buildings influenced by European arts in Iran.

The pavilion was used to receive royal guests and hold official ceremonies; a small hall for particular meetings. With a delicate harmonious design, the exterior of the building is magnificent as it is embellished with amazing tile-work and floral patterns. Also, the interior space is truly stunning with its Moqarnas (stalactite) work ceiling, exquisite plaster work, tile work and brick designs.

The monument was converted into a museum in the 1934 exhibiting various valuable artifacts from pre-Islamic and Islamic era such as Zand weaponry, old manuscripts of the holy Quran, pottery and bronze objects as well as a number of magnificent colorful frescoes and watercolor paintings of famous Persian artists on the interior walls.

The well-known Karim Khan Zand’s Smoking Hookah and his personal sword are among the highlights of the museum in addition to enchanting armors, daggers and swords. Interestingly, this building houses the burial site of king Karim Khan Zand with a marble tomb inside the museum which draws the attention of the visitors.

Wandering around the 18th-century garden and enjoying the architectural features of the pavilion along with all the nice objects on display are a delightful experience, making the museum really well-worth a visit.

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