Quran Gate

For those who visit Shiraz, the city of poetry and literature, the haven of verdant gardens, and source of history and civilization, the Quran Gate is sure to be one of the amazing monuments at the northeastern entrance of Shiraz, between the Baba Kouhi and Chehel Maqam Mountains near Allah-O-Akbar Gorge as a historic site dating back to the Buyid period.

Consisting of three arches, a big one, two smaller ones on both sides, and a rectangular chamber on top, the gate is considered as one of the finest architectural designs in Iran and one of the most beautiful and historical monuments in the country, ornamented by verses of the holy Quran.

The gateway used to hold two fine holy Qurans – the first original one installed during the Zand period – and travelers have traditionally passed underneath it before undertaking any journey as a sign of good omen, which have been transferred to the Pars museum.

Walking up through the site’s nearby stone stairways, one can enjoy picturesque and panoramic views of Shiraz and visit the tomb of Khaju Kermani, a great Iranian poet, flanked by nice green area, which is an excellent place for picnicking and taking photographs in the morning or evening when it is decorated with fantastic lightning.

Also, in the alleys on the hill-side, there are numerous restaurants that serve tasty cuisines, offering a very relaxing environment and indescribable tranquility, making the trip more enjoyable.

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