Shiraz Jame Mosque

Shah Cheragh Shrine, the Jame Mosque, also known as Atiq mosque with a long antiquity dating back to the Safavid rule in 875 CE is of the oldest mosques in the city.

It includes a big courtyard centered with a wonderful building made of stone and plaster called Darul-Mos’haf (House of Qur’an) with eye-catching tile-work which constitutes the most exciting part of the mosque where copies of the Holy Qur’an used to keep in 1351 CE.

Raised on a marble platform, Darul-Mos’haf includes a rectangular base, a square hall with four central doorways, a small vestibule to its north equipped with a spiral staircase to have roof access, a loggia of three arched bays on each side and firm circular towers at the outer corners.

Likewise, the mosque is equipped with two porticos, several prayer halls and chambers, six entrances and exits: one in the north, one in the south, two in the west and two in the east.

The magnificent portal of the northern porch (iwan) is decorated with a delicate brick, Moqarnas (stalactite) work ceiling and two splendid finials as well as beautiful tile-work which increases the beauty of the courtyard. The porch leads to a nice prayer hall with an amazing Mehrab (prayer-niche) embellished with turquoise tile-work on the ceiling and stone-work on two sides.

The mosque has been undergone a series of renovations and expansions particularly after the 1935 earthquake in accordance with its original design. What has remained from the original structure includes only the towers, the platform and inner walls. Beside all the gardens and other attractions of Shiraz, visiting the mosque and having a glimpse on the historical monument is worth spending time.

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