Vakil Bathhouse

On the order of Karim Khan Zand, the founder of Zand Dynasty in the heart of his capital city, who named himself Vakil or regent in Shiraz, Vakil Bathhouse was built as a part of the royal district of the Zandiyeh complex in 1766 CE connected to Vakil Bazaar and Mosque near the royal citadel.

This old public bath is one of the most beautiful monuments spreading over an area of 11,000 square meters and in accordance with the most advanced principles of architecture and elegant decoration in that time and includes interconnected sections.

Having passed through a small entrance and a relatively steep hallway, visitors get onto a vestibule or an octagonal cloak room called Sarbineh with eight stone pillars topped by a fantastic dome-like ceiling which is adorned with nice limestone carvings depicting stories rooted in religion, tradition, and interests of the local people. The angular entrance of the cloakroom prevents the cold air enter and the heat exit. Also, in this place, there is a large octagonal stone pool with a stone fountain in its middle which increases the beauty of the area.

In addition, Garmkhaneh, the pleasantly warm bathing place, has been covered with flagstones under which there were narrow passages that hot water and steam used to flow to make the bath hot.

Having been provided the continuous flow of water through a well on the west part called Gav Chah, Garmkhaneh is equipped with a Khazineh or reservoir in the south with two large pots in order to have hot water as well as two Shahneshins or alcoves on its both sides used by the king, each centered with a beautiful marble pool.

Having refurbished and decorated with waxworks, the bathhouse has been converted into a magnificent museum exhibiting the traditions of Iranian bathing around two centuries ago which is considered as one of the most attractive tourist sites in Shiraz.

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