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As you see on the first page, there is a list of hotels with the point in mind that passengers know their favorite hotels. If you’d like to get more information, you can see the complete hotels list of every city and province on the menu on top of the site together with description, facilities and policy.

All the information has been announced by the hotels. Also our experts probe on its veracity before uploading. If there is anything against the truth, it will be removed.

Due to having abundant hotel apartments in the city of Mashhad, they are cheaper than hotels, while a unit in a hotel apartment is bigger than a room in a hotel and consequently, it’ll be more expensive. Hotel Apartment is more economical for populated families but it isn’t a good choice for a family of two. Sadly, Mashhad hotel apartments have less quality compared to other cities; however, because of facilities like kitchen and being more spacious, it is recommended to choose hotel apartment based on your conditions.

Rooms with two single beds are called double rooms. In case of being a family and going to hotel, you will be delivered a king room but if you are two men or two women, you will be given a double room. It won’t be the case unless you have already clarified in your booking.

You must do the following steps:
1. On the main page of the site, there is a searching box in which you can search the name of province, city and hotel, point out your checking in and checking out, and choose the number of rooms for adults or children.
2. You will be recommended with a series of hotels and their price range. By choosing a hotel, you will go to the next step
3. You can have a glimpse on different sections of the hotel along with related descriptions and facilities and reserve your favorite room type (double, suite, etc.)
4. You mute enter your personal information and then you’ll be led to the details of your booking.
5. You will be informed via mobile or email on your booking confirmation and how to pay the money. By presenting the confirmation to the hotel, you can enjoy your trip.

No VAT. You have paid for what you have reserved and it has been mentioned in your voucher. If use any facility like minibar, restaurant, laundry, swimming pool, etc. which isn’t free, you must pay the price.

On default, if date and number of nights change, the system will show the price of tomorrow night for one night. You must click on search icon so that with new request, results be shown and making it possible for booking.

On the main page of every hotel, there are final prices. By setting the number of nights and arrival date, the final price will be calculated by adding VAT, tax and services. Thus, until the last step, there is no added cost. But some similar websites do not act in this way and add those features later, making passengers misunderstand that the prices in egardesh are higher than other websites while to some extent, they are even cheaper than other reservation sites.

There are a few reasons for not confirming your reservation as listed below:
• Despite having empty rooms, the hotel cannot confirm booking requests because it is talking on a tour contract and should wait until the tour confirmation.
• The capacity might have been completed a few hours or minutes before your reservation.
• There may be no compatibility between your reservation and a hotel’s booking table and there is a possibility for changing the room or making it be empty.
• Your reservation might be on the busy schedule of the hotel and does not allow it to get other bookings.
• Due to security reasons which are unannounced such as hosting high-ranking people.
• Because of technical breakdowns and other problems facing some reservations on near-to-happen date.
• There are various people responsible for reserving and they do not coordinate in dividing capacities determined before the final confirmation.
• Other problems which are not under the control of the hotel’s receptionist.

The whole price depends on the type of tour. It will be economical if you travel with a group tour. However, if you intend to travel by your personal car or to plan the trip yourself, we suggest you to get hotel and ticket separately which is called individual tour. It must be mentioned that in peak seasons of travel, whether in individual or in group, tour price and conditions are different; at the time, tours get more expensive. To decrease the price, it is better to go on an individual tour and choose your accommodation in advance. Booking a hotel via egardesh system makes you not face with price fluctuations since it offers staying in the best hotels nationwide with 5 to 50 % discounts.

By the name and phone number registered in the system, the sales counter notices it is a foreign passenger and then checks availability of the request; if there is an empty place, an email indicating the payment must be done by PayPal is sent to the passenger. In case of no availability, another hotel is suggested in the email in addition to PayPal payment. In the end, the payment procedure is checked with the passenger by phone or email; if it has been done, the voucher will be sent to the passenger.

Until the end of the year, prices are fixed but discounts change regularly especially for hotels in Kish and Mashhad. Anyway, after confirming the reservation, the booking fee is fixed. Thus until your reservation expiry date, your charge will be fixed. If not paid and your request gets expired, the price might change after rechecking.

There are various reasons for trusting the site. Some of them are listed below:
• In this website, latest information of every hotel has been gathered, making visitors feel how dynamic it is and trust it. In case of more guide, you’ll get informed by the support team of the website.
• The website has been selected by the digital media festival run by the ministry of culture and Islamic guidance.
• The website has been registered in Iran’s organizing headquarter for Internet bases.
• Cooperating with famous hotels and rendering a wide range of services to several websites and such as those in the following list can be considered as an important sigh of trust.

 Iran’s Hotels Group: www.ir-ha.org
 Shiraz Hotels Group: www.shirazhotels.org
 Ardebil Hotels Group: www.ardabilhotels.org
 Kish Hotels Group: www.kishhotels.org
 Mashhad Hotels Group: www.mashhadhotels.org
 Isfahan Hotels Group: www.esfahanhotels.org
 Tehran Hotels Group: www.tehranhotels.org
 Mazandaran Hotels Group: www.mazandaranhotels.org
 Online Travel Website: www.etravel.ir
 And hotels such as Isfahan Sepahan Hotel: www.sephanhotel.com

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