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Of the most attractive sites in Isfahan province, Abyaneh village is one of the most famous with a history stretching back thousands of years, attracting numerous Iranian and foreign tourists year-round, especially during traditional feasts and ceremonies.

Registered on UNESCO tentative list as one of the four most historic villages of Iran, Abyaneh is a very beautiful ancient village near Natanz County on the foothills of the Karkas Mountain.

The first thing which strikes a visitor is the unique architecture. The houses are arranged like steps up the hillside, making the roofs of some houses the front yards of the next one up. Using traditional materials such as timber, straw and clay for the roofs and yards along with red mud bricks for the walls, the village is a picture of rural calmness and a great base for local walks. The trees surrounding the village frame the landscape, especially during spring.

On entering the village, in addition to the architecture, the colorful traditional style of clothing, and the cheerful faces of the people attracts everybody’s attention. Facing east across a picturesque valley, the village is best appreciated by just wandering through narrow winding streets of Abyaneh, watching locals go about their rustic daily life.

In addition to the impressive Jame Mosque in the middle of the village, there are some other places which are worth a visit including the Zoroastrian fire-temple from the Sassanid period, three castles, a few pilgrimage sites and a mill.

Having the most pleasant mild climate, Abyaneh is one of the Iranian historical villages that contains some works from Sassanid period to the present time including houses harmonious with climate and mountainous land. Looming over the village, the modern multi-story Abyaneh hotel offers clean and comfortable rooms with panoramic views and serves excellent food in a huge restaurant.

Abyaneh is truly a living piece of history. Its architecture, its people’s lifestyles and their traditions have survived practically unchanged for hundreds of years, making it an unforgettable place to visit.

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