Ardabil City

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Ardabil City

Located in northwestern Iran and close to the Caspian Sea, Ardabil city, the capital of Ardabil province, in the middle of Talesh and Sabalan mountains with amazing natural attractions and numerous sights is an enchanting destination spot for tourists.

The city brings both excitement and calmness through the glorious Heiran Pass and Sabalan mountain with the highest sweet water lake on its summit and flower plains on its slope along with Sarein hot springs, Shorabil lake, the habitat of some water birds and Baliqly Chay River (fishing river) which originates from Mount Sabalan and passes through the city.

As a good chance for nature-lovers, Ardabil, the city of impressive lakes, wetlands, waterfalls, and caves with unique landscapes, provides fantastic opportunities for trout shipping in the Neor lake and for ski lovers in Alvares ski resort. Also, the city includes a wide range of historical attractions from different eras such as mosques, hills, edifices, and tombs, worthy of visiting.

Being a city of great antiquity with archeological excavations dating back to 4000 to 6000 years, the city’s old bazaar, Jame Mosque, Yeddi goz bridge (seven-eye bridge), and the tomb of Sheikh Safi ad-Din, eponym of the Safavid Dynasty as the main monuments allure visitors.

In addition to all these beauties and nice climate particularly in the summer, the excellent hospitability of people as well as fabulous souvenirs of the city namely carpets, glim, jajim, silk products, pottery, and wood handicrafts must be taken into account that along with tasty honey and Ash Dogh (Iranian potage), the most important traditional cuisine would make the trip even more enjoyable and memorable.

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