Astara City

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Astara City

Situated at the western coast of the Caspian Sea, flanked by the sea, forest and mountain, the city of Astara is a border town in the Gilan province with nice coasts, waterfalls, hot water springs, and outdoor markets, attracting a large number of tourists particularly during the spring and summer.

Having been used a variety of earthen roofs in building residential and commercial places, Astara is known as “the city of ceramic roofs”. Also, due to the unique geographical position, located at the border line with the republic of Azerbaijan, Astara’s economy and tourism have flourished as the Astara Chay River flowing between two countries creates spectacular views.

As the northernmost port city of Gilan, Astara is one of the coastal cities in Iran abundant with the most beautiful and original attractions. Here, visitors can enjoy sightseeing at its best as the city has a lot of amazing natural and tourist attractions to offer, ranging from Latoon waterfall, Heiran Green Area including the Telecabin, Heiran Pass in a mountainous region and Esteel Wetland surrounded by floating trees to Kouteh Koumeh and Alidashi Spas as well as Sadaf Seashore Recreational Area, providing a lifetime experience.

Shindan Castle, Abbasabad Garden, Lavandvil Waterfall, Behesht-e-Kaktousan (Cactus Paradise), Bibi Yanlou Jungle Park, and Darband village, a habitat for rare birds are of the other fascinating historical and natural wonders that one can take time watching in the city.

Visiting Astara, walking along the nice coasts, enjoying the mild and humid climate, talking with the hospitable people, tasting local foods such as “Longi” especially in the Afra luxury restaurant and buying famous handicrafts such as carpet, kilim, mat, pottery, and hand-woven products can be a pleasure which should not be missed without worrying about accommodation where the Astara tourist hotel hosts guests with suitable facilities in a well-positioned place.

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