Gorgan City

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Gorgan City

Located in the vicinity of the Caspian Sea in the north of Iran, the city of Gorgan, formerly called Esterabad or Astarabad is a wonderful destination for a memorable and pleasant trip thanks to the fine geographical position and unique weather known as "the moderate Caspian climate", providing the utmost beauty and tranquility.

As the capital of Golestan province, the city is one of the most beautiful cities in northern Iran, one of the oldest civilizations, and one of the most admiring places in the view of tourists, providing scenic views and natural wonders along with verdant and relaxing environment.

In addition to being the tourism hub with extraordinary specialties of forests, plains, mountains, lakes, hills, waterfalls, and wetlands, the city offers abundant must-see historical monuments, making it a good opportunity for those who are interested in the archeological excavations, particularly in remnants of the ancient city of Esterabad such as the Khandan castle.

With the old civilization, nice historical monuments, noble scholars, and great tribes, the city has a high position in the glorious history of Iran having the vastest architectural texture after the cities of Yazd and Isfahan.

Rich in sightseeing spots and natural attractions including the Nahar Khoran Forest, the Alangdare Forest, Hezar Pich Hill, Tourang Hill, Ziarat Village, and Rango and Nomel Waterfalls along with historical sites such as Jame Mosque, Aq Qala Bridge, Shasman Palace, Jame Mosque, and the nice Nal Bandan Bazaar, the city attracts lots of visitors especially in the spring and summer when the weather is moderate and humid.

Also, Gorgan’s world-famous carpets with patterns derived from the ancient Persian city of Bokhara, now in Uzbekistan as well as rugs and Jajims are the fantastic handicrafts worthy of having as a souvenir from the city.

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