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Hamadan City

Recognized as one of the oldest cities in western Iran, Hamadan is the capital city of Hamadan Province in a green mountainous area in the foothills of the Alvand Mountain which is mostly covered by vast plains in the north and northeast. In the modern Hamadan nothing is left to be seen of ancient Ecbatana of the Medes' capital but the relics of this area confirms the fact that the city is one of the most ancient parts of Iran and its civilization.

The Cultural Heritage of Iran lists 442 sites of historical and cultural significance located in the province, making it a rich one in terms of historical attractions. The main symbols of this city are the Ganj Nameh inscription, the monuments of the scientist Avicenna and the poet Baba Taher.

This center of civilization is home to many poets and cultural celebrities and has always been well known for handicrafts like leather, ceramic, and carpets. The city with historical attractions and tourist sites is glittering like a gem in the western territory of Iran. The special nature of this old city and its historic sites enchant tourists. Mild and delightful climate in summers and relatively cold one in winters make the city a very popular retreat during the warmer months.

Of the most important and the nicest promenades in Hamadan, the area surrounding Ganj Nameh within a five kilometers away from the city in the Alvand Mountain can be mentioned. Here, through telecabin, one can fly over Mount Alvand and enjoy the views of the nearby plains.

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