Ilam City

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Ilam City

Situated in a cold mountainous region in southwestern Iran, the provincial city of Ilam with 6,000 historical evidence of tribal residence was part of the ancient Elamite, Sassanid and Achaemenid Empires. The existing numerous historical vestiges in the city indicates the specific importance of the region in that time. Due to having many natural beauties with amazing dense jungles, lakes, mountains, valleys, waterfalls, and caves, the city is known as the bride of the Zagros mountain.

Ilam is a bright spot in the tourism sector, with beautiful historical sites such as Ghiran Citadel on top of the famous Ghalaghiran mountain overlooking a nice region called Sheshdar or Sheshdan, creating a spectacular landscape which add to the beauty of the area.

The city enjoys the architecture of traditional and contemporary periods manifesting in the Qajar era Falahati Mansion and Mirgholam Castle as examples of some surviving traditional buildings in Ilam with garden and pound as the main elements of these types of buildings along with shade and moisture by using green landscape and high trees.

Likewise, the Vali Citadel, built of bricks, plaster and marble and the museum of anthropology are among the other attractions of the city which appeal to tourists.

Being in the warm regions of the country, the city and more broadly the province has diverse climatic conditions with the central mild climate, the cold northern mountainous areas and the warm western plains.

Carpet, gilim, and felt are among the main handicrafts of Ilam that along with local butter and mountain honey are considered as memorable souvenirs.

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