Kelardasht City

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Kelardasht City

As one of the ecotourism hubs of Iran in the northern province of Mazandaran, the city of Kelardasht in Chalus County with forests, rivers, and waterfalls is a favorable destination for domestic and foreign tourists to spend a memorable vacation as it is nicknamed the ‘Paradise of Iran’ with around four thousand years of antiquity.

Situated in one of the best climatic regions of the country, bound to the Caspian Sea and Abbasabad city in the north and Chalous and Noushahr in the east, Kelardasht is one of the best Caspian-area getaways for nature lovers with surrounding zones for fishing, skiing, trekking, and mountain climbing between towering, broad-shouldered peaks.

Mainly consisting of natural beauty, the attractions include the Alamkooh mountain (the second tallest peak in Iran), Sard Abroud river, Abbasabad road and forest, along with the area surrounding Rud Barak valley as well as Valasht lake, an appropriate habitat for migratory birds as one of the most sightseeing natural heritages of the country in light of its unique nature. Also, Kelardasht Treasury indicates the culture and art of the region during the first and second millennia BCE.

Beautiful carpets, Damon cookie, honey and traditional crafts such as felt making, straw plaiting, jajim weaving, doll making and potteries are among the souvenirs of the city.

Originally a farming area, but recently numerous hotel apartments and villas have been built across Kelardasht which are occupied by summer visitors trying to escape the heat of their cities, getting relaxed in the mild and pleasant weather of the region, and enjoying their time.

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