Lahijan City

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Lahijan City

Situated in the mountainous area in the northern province of Gilan leading to the Caspian Sea and amazing Amir Abad Coasts, the city of Lahijan is considered as one of the most beautiful cities in Iran. Due to being in the vicinity of the Caspian Sea and Alborz mountains, the city enjoys a pleasant mild and humid climate particularly in the summer.

Lahijan, a beautiful agricultural town with an outstanding history along with its rich culture and favorable climatic conditions is considered as one of the tourism hubs of the Islamic world during different historical eras, attracting a large number of domestic and foreign visitors.

The city is blessed with wonderful landscapes, tourist places and recreational facilities including Sheitan Koh (Satan's Hill) and its waterfall from which visitors can go to Bam-e-Sabz (green roof) promenade on top of the hill through stairs and have a magnificent view of the city.

Lahijan Pool (Estakhr), Golshan Bath, Sheikh Zahed Gilani Tomb, Iran National Tea Museum, Brick Bridge, Amir Kelayeh international wetland along with Lahijan gondola lift are among the other attractions of the city, making it the bride of Gilan cities.

With its good climatic conditions, great soil quality, and fresh spring water, the city is well suited for tea cultivation which the city is famous for. Likewise, silk is another point of popular products in the city as the etymology of Lahijan meaning “silk city” attests.

Also, in terms of history, Lahijan is the oldest city in Gilan province with the Parthian castle as an evidence for its antiquity. Here, natural beauties and urbanism with great architecture of villas and houses with colored roofs provide an outstanding scenic beauty.

Those who visit the city should bear in mind to buy aromatic tea, delicious traditional cookies, citrus crops, high quality rice, and handicrafts such as mat weaving and wood products as memorable souvenirs, taste the local foods including Mirza'ghasemi, and enjoy the people’s hospitality.

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