Marivan City

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Marivan City

Located in the west of Iran close to the border of Iran-Iraq (Iraqi Kurdistan), the city of Marivan, replete with various natural and historical attractions including roaring rivers, great habitats, and high mountains is one of the finest tourist destinations, drawing the attention of so many visitors annually.

Having a long historical background, the ancient areas surrounding the city with amazing castles bode for the residence of humans in different periods such as Ilkhan, Parthian, Sasanid, and Qajar.

Of the distinctive features of the west of the city, the Zaribar lake, one of the most important mountainous fresh water lakes in the world with a wide diversity of flora and fauna species should be mentioned that along with the beach park is one of the best spots for sightseeing both in local and global scales.

The existence of different trees namely wild willows, spruce, plane, and poplar is considered as the unique advantages of the region, providing wonderful views on the banks of rivers and valleys. Likewise, the splendid Shaho mountain offers a fantastic opportunity for domestic and international mountain climbers along with the marvelous Gavileh waterfall in the middle of the Kurdistan forests which is a nice place for nature lovers.

The dazzling Garan bridge over the Garan river dating back to the Safavid era and the Kani Miran village on a height in the midst of forest with residence record in the Qajar era are well worth a visit.

Here, holding religious, traditional, and national celebrations are rife with roots in the old beliefs that in addition to the special Kurdish dance are considered as the customs of the city.

Regarding souvenirs, Giveh (light, comfortable, and cool shoes) suitable for the mountainous climate of the region is of the main ones. Also, because of official border market of Bashmaq in Marivan between Kurdish region of Iran and Iraq, the city is a fantastic place for shoppers in neighboring provinces where visitors can get a variety of products, making the trip more enjoyable.

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