Masal City

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Masal City

Famous for its stunning nature, great tranquility, amazing landscapes, fresh and pleasant climate, the city of Masal in 50 km north west of Rasht in the province of Guilan is considered as one of the most beautiful cities in the north of Iran, a dream paradise which is a must-see tourist place for nature lovers and those who seek calm in a place away from the commotion of the metropolitan cities.

Located in a well positioned spot in a nice area of Gilan province and in the vicinity of the verdant Talesh mountains and the Khalkai river, the city of Masal enjoys abundant tourist attractions including wonderful dense jungles, waterfalls, natural caves, green pastures, and historical castles, attracting a large number of domestic and foreign travelers.

As one of the finest destinations for having indescribable moments, the visitors should go to the Viuz waterfall, the Tusko forest area, the coastal park along the Khalkai river in the middle of the city which is a best place for rafting.

Likewise, the city contains several caves that among them the unique Avisho cave with its limestone icicles provides the utmost joy for tourists. Asbe Rise stonewall, one of the high rocks of the country is another important feature of the city, offering a fantastic opportunity for rock climbing.

Here, visitors are enthralled by going to the local markets where they can buy natural honey, wooden and hand woven products as memorable souvenirs. The Olasabelangah summer village with various residential areas built on wooden structure provides a relaxing accommodation for tourists particularly in the summer, making their visit even more enjoyable.

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