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Namak Abrud Tourist Town

Situated in the central district of Chalus county in the northern province of Mazandaran, Namak Abrud tourist town covering around 650 hectares has been attracting a large number of domestic and foreign tourists who seek peace in the remarkably attractive region of the Caspian Sea.

Due to having special climatic conditions and existing abundant recreational equipment, the town is considered as one of the best tourist hubs in the country. Being in a forest area is of the distinctive characteristics of the region providing unique potentials for having fun.

In the southeastern side of the town, there exists the highest cable car in the country which starts at the sea level near the shores of the Caspian Sea all through the heights of the Alborz mountain, crossing the dense forest areas of northern Iran, having extraordinary panoramic perspective of the sea.

Besides that, Namak Abrud includes other fascinating equipment like shooting club, forest park, modern carting, paintball, tennis court, game land, Aqualion complex (showing sea lion), flying by helicopter, glider, and paraglider over the amazing nature of Namak Abrud along with 4D cinema, cycling resort, and stores selling handicrafts and souvenirs, making visitors have memorable moments. The coastal sandy resort with a relaxing beach, a boat riding pier, fishing areas, camping, nice bowers, a traditional teahouse, and restaurants offers enjoyable time.

As one of the masterpieces of creation, the region tries to provide a pleasant and relaxing place for visitors in a calm atmosphere with spectacular natural landscapes. A number of special villas and hotels have been set up for the wellbeing of those who intend to stay here such as the Khazar Parsian Azadi hotel offering a nice accommodation with satisfying services and amazing views.

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