Sanandaj City

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Sanandaj City

Located in the west of Iran, Sanandaj is the capital of Kurdish culture and Kurdistan Province in Iran with the mainly Kurdish population. As one of the most mountainous regions in Iran with high plains and wide valleys, the city has a pleasant weather in spring and summer with long and cold winters. As a result of its position in the Zagros Mountains, the city and more broadly the province has many rivers, lakes, glaciers and caves, which provide picturesque sceneries attracting a large number of tourists, mountaineers and skiers.

Of the attractions of Sanandaj, the ruins of an 11th-century fortress, the Dar al-Ehsan Mosque, and the National Museum are of great importance. The museum with the Qajar era architecture includes a 19th-century royal palace whose wedding room is considered as a woodwork masterpiece.

Among other historical monuments, the Jame Mosque, Khosro-Abad Building where once the Kurdestan’s philosophers and governors used to live, Asef Building next to the Moshir Divan monument with a unique style of architecture and the nice Safavid-era Bazaar are well worth a visit. Surrounding Sanandaj constitutes natural wonders with many mountain caves, hot springs, and freshwater lakes, enchanting tourists.

For instance, Mount Abidar in the western corner of Sanandaj is an exciting place for hiking and has many beautiful parks like "Amirieh" Jungle Park along with the amazing Zarivar Lake and Quri Qaleh water cave. Also, the Kilaneh village is one of the most beautiful places to visit in the southwest of Sanandaj.

Manufacturing diverse products, the city is home to beautiful carpets, woodwork, cotton weaving, metalwork and cutlery that all can be found in the old bazaar as a suitable place to buy these nice Kurdish handicrafts. Visiting Sanandaj, enjoying its historical and natural attractions and eating the delicious local foods can be a memorable experience.

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