Shahrekord City

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Shahrekord City

Shahrekord, the capital city of Chaharmahal and Bakhtiari Province, in central Iran is the largest city in the province and adjacent to Iran’s third largest city of Isfahan.

Situated in the north of the Zagros Mountains, Shahrekord is considered as Iran’s highest capital city due to being 2,070 m above the sea level, known as the Roof of Iran.

The city is one of the intact and perfect tourist destinations in Iran. It is assumed to be first developed by nomadic farmers because it encompasses vast meadows and several springs.

Famous for its amazing natural beauty, Shahrekord constitutes beautiful landscapes, waterfalls, rivers, lagoons and small lakes offering pleasant outdoor relaxation. Living with nomads and enjoying the nice sceneries and relaxing weather are of the highlights of visiting Shahrekord.

Having cold winters, the city offers a valuable opportunity for those who are interested in skiing, while due to having mild summers, the area attracts a large number of visitors. Of all the traditional foods of the city, the Bakhtiari Kebab is the most popular and delicious one which is highly recommended to be tested.

Here the main businesses include agriculture, horticulture, hat making, felt making, oil and wool trading. Carpet, Gelim, Jajim, Giveh (local shoes) and felt are among the fine souvenirs which appeal to tourists.

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