Shahrud City

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Shahrud City

Due to being at the foothills of the Alborz mountain range and having fantastic natural landscapes, wonderful deserts and unique weather, the city of Shahrud in Semnan province is one of the most beautiful cities in Iran, providing memorable moments for visitors.

Surrounded by the Alborz mountain in the north and by the arid salty deserts in the south, the city enjoys a four-season climate including cold weather in the mountainous areas, hot in the south on the edge of desert and temperate in other parts of the city. Having been found the traces of prehistoric, 8,000-year-old settlements, the city has a long list of fabulous geographical, historical, and natural attractions.

For those who seek to visit the natural wonders, the waterfall park, the Boulverad jungle park, Khartoran national park and the Roof of Shahrud (a promenade overlooking the nice views of the city) provide good chances.

Also, in the vicinity of the city, the Abr (cloud) forest as one of the oldest and most beautiful forests in Iran along with the Olang forest, Mojen seven-color spring in the Mojen village as well as the Kalposh sunflower and anemone plains are well worth visiting in the summer and spring as the best time to see while in the winter, the iced waterfall is incredibly fascinating.

For history lovers, Shahrud has a lot to offer ranging from the Miandasht Carevanserai, Bastam historical complex, and Yaghmae House (the first house equipped with wind tower) to the Jame mosque, Farumad mosque, and the Shahrud museum.

Here, visitors should make the trip’s memories even more perfect by buying the nice handicrafts such as carpet, kilim, and pottery in the city’s old bazaar with amazing Qajar architecture.

Traveling to the city is highly recommended with all these attractions which should not be missed to be seen and regarding accommodation, the Shahrud tourist hotel with equipped rooms and suitable services provides a relaxing stay in the city.

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