Yazd City

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Yazd City

In central Iran, wedged between the northern Kavir desert and southern Lut desert, the city of Yazd with over 3000-year history, dating back to the Medean Empire exists that as a valuable part of the great Iranian civilization hosts remarkable elements of the world cultural and historical heritage.

Built almost entirely out of adobe, this desert city is one of the oldest, largest and most charming desert cities in the middle of the ancient Silk Road, called by people "the pearl of desert" due to its beautiful sceneries. It doesn’t have the big-ticket sights of Isfahan or Shiraz, but it’s equally enchanting. This is a place to wander and get lost in the maze of historic streets and lanes.

It’s also an ideal base for day trips to several evocative villages and towns. Known for its Badgirs (wind towers, working as ventilation systems), Yazd, this mud-brick old town with excellent range of accommodation options is one of the highlights of any trip to Iran.

As an architecturally unique city, Yazd is recognized as a center of Persian architecture which abounds with historical monuments including the Jame Mosque, dating back to 600 years ago, the fire temple burning for 1500 years uninterrupted and the Amir Chaqmak Complex which provides a marvelous sunset view from the roof.

As the leading center for Zoroastrians in Iran, Yazd is home to abundant important religious festivals such as Mehrgan and Sadeh held annually in the greatest form. Because of its climate, the city has one of the largest networks of aqueducts (Qanats) in the world and aqueduct makers of Yazd are considered the most skilled in Iran.

It is also known for its gorgeous handicrafts such as silk weaving, carpets, rug, kilim, and pottery as well as tremendous confectioneries such as Baghlava, Ghotab and Pashmak which have been a source of tourism for the city.

Being a city of great antiquity, it has been described in many travel accounts. When Italian merchant traveler Marco Polo passed the city in the 13th century, he described Yazd as “a very fine and splendid city and a center of commerce where carpet weaving and silk producing are of highest significance”.

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