Shemshak Tourist - Tehran

Tehran Shemshak Tourist Hotel

Km 34 of Lashgarak to Zardband, Fasham to Meygon Road, Tehran, Iran,

Tehran Shemshak Tourist Hotel


Situated in a well-positioned place beside the high mountains of the central Alborz in Sheminarat county which is considered as one of the fantastic resorts near the capital Tehran, the Shemshak tourist hotel is a great accommodation for those who intend to stay in the midst of verdant areas and beautiful scenery.


The two-story hotel includes satisfying facilities ranging from beautifully decorated rooms and suites overlooking the nice surrounding green areas to restaurants serving tasty foods and beverages in a relaxing environment. A good lobby, a pool hall, and a conference hall are among the other amenities the hotel offers, making guests have a good time.

Surrounding Attractions:

The hotel is convenient enough for people as it is in the vicinity of amazing and well-known tourist attractions of Darbandsar ski resort and Dizin cable car, making them spend some time off benefiting from the pleasant climate over there.

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5,250,000 Rial 4,500,000 Rial Price for 1 night
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1 person
5,250,000 Rial 4,500,000 Rial Price for 1 night
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2 person ، 1 extra beds
7,440,000 Rial 6,400,000 Rial Price for 1 night
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10,910,000 Rial 9,500,000 Rial Price for 1 night
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4 person ، 1 extra beds
21,160,000 Rial 18,000,000 Rial Price for 1 night
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hotel distance to attractions
hotel distance to attractions
  • distance to Niavaran Palace Complex : 905 km and 42 meters 1 hour 3 minutes drive

  • distance to Reza Abbasi Museum : 152 km and 52 meters 1 hour 6 minutes drive

  • distance to Milad Tower : 484 km and 57 meters 1 hour 13 minutes drive

  • distance to Saadabad Palace Complex : 28 km and 53 meters 1 hour 15 minutes drive

  • distance to Golestan Palace : 68 km and 57 meters 1 hour 16 minutes drive

  • distance to Museum of Contemporary Arts : 918 km and 58 meters 1 hour 17 minutes drive

  • distance to Darakeh and Darband Retreats : 998 km and 51 meters 1 hour 17 minutes drive

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