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Koohrang County in Chaharmahal Bakhtiari province is the most beautiful natural district of the area around the Zagros mountain range. Due to having colorful mountains and vegetations, it is called Koohrang with historical relics dating back 50 thousand years.

The city is the land of roaring springs, glorious rivers, and nice reversible tulips. The mixture of water with the natural landscapes of valley and meadow along with the refreshing climate, splendid waterfalls, and a variety of flora and fauna species have added a special beauty and significance to the region, making it a tourist, nomadic, and athletic place which is very exciting for the tourism industry in all seasons of the year.

Here, visitors should visit the natural views of the Bazoft forests, Koohrang tunnel, Dime spring, residential areas of the nomads, Sheikh Ali Khan waterfall, Agha Seyed village which are of the highlights of the town.

Because of heavy snowfall in the winter, the Zardkoh heights are a suitable place for skiing in the Chelgard ski resort. Also, the amazing plain of reversible tulips flourishing in the month of May has been attracting a large number of travelers, providing memorable moments.

Honey and dairy products constitute the main souvenirs of the town along with nice handicrafts such as beautiful carpets. Likewise, the Bakhtiari Kebab is of the popular local foods which must be tasted.

For those who travel to the county, equipped accommodation centers are available like the Koohrang hotel across from the Koohrang tunnel with pleasant environment or Parsian Azadi hotel in downtown province.

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